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Damon's Brave New World- A Science Fiction Odyssey

Welcome to DamonsBraveNewWorld, The Greatest Science Fiction PodCast in The Galaxy!

We recommend you start with the short video GalacTic Journey into the World of DianToz.

Feel free to listen to one of our new Mini-Pods. You might want to also listen to GalacTic Guitar Hero which is a great high energy music audio, that has two movements. 


The choice is yours.

Enoy fellow Sci-fi fans!

Dec 18, 2020

Come check out what everybody has been talking about. Here you learn about 3 planets in the habitable zone of SoVran.

Dec 13, 2020

The 2nd Sun of The DianToz Tri-System Our Binary Sister Star

Dec 11, 2020

Amazing ExoPlanets within The SoVran Star System

Dec 4, 2020

Come learn about alien exotic life that lives in -200degree temperatures in methane lakes and rivers!