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Damon's Brave New World- A Science Fiction Odyssey

Welcome to DamonsBraveNewWorld, The Greatest Science Fiction PodCast in The Galaxy!

We recommend you start with the short video GalacTic Journey into the World of DianToz.

Feel free to listen to one of our new Mini-Pods. You might want to also listen to GalacTic Guitar Hero which is a great high energy music audio, that has two movements. 


The choice is yours.

Enoy fellow Sci-fi fans!

May 30, 2021

The Original Creator designed a spiritual template that is the Essence of the Universe. A worthy blueprint for Humanity

May 27, 2021

Come visit OlymZaas the "City of the Arts" a magnificent haven for artist, writers and creators of all kinds within the Tri-System

May 15, 2021

Located within the Pegasus Star Cluster exist an advanced Celestial Civilization that has built space cities across the DianToz Tri-System. DianToz is a CosmoCratic Society and a benevolent space faring species.

May 9, 2021

How Do you Build A Celestial Civilization? 

What will it take to build a productive peaceful society that explores the planets?