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Damon's Brave New World- A Science Fiction Odyssey

Welcome to DamonsBraveNewWorld, The Greatest Science Fiction PodCast in The Galaxy!

We recommend you start with the short video GalacTic Journey into the World of DianToz.

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Enoy fellow Sci-fi fans!

Sep 17, 2021

Learn about The SoVran Solar Ring ,one of the Three Rings of DianToz and how it helps the planet of DianToz and its people.

Sep 9, 2021

Journey into a world of space exploration visiting the canyons of NorSoom

Sep 3, 2021

The Interstellar Ring of DianToz was the first artificial ring built by Tronic-I around the planet of DianToz . Space junk from satellites and rocket boosters had created clutter around the planet. The ICR of DianToz transformed the way the planet of DianToz communicated on the planet and among the solar systems.