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Damon's Brave New World- A Science Fiction Odyssey

Journey with us to DamonsBraveNewWorld-A Science Fiction Odyssey that will change the World.

Come explore A DisneyWorld of Fascinating Exoplanets!



Aug 14, 2022

Here is our Audio Version of Podcast2 What is the most perfect way to see the Universe, join us as we journey to the stars.

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Aug 8, 2022

Come join us as we talk about some surprising possibilities in how one can view the Universe! To learn more check us out at

Jul 26, 2022

Welcome to The Greatest Science Fiction Podcast on Earth and in The Galaxy!! 

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Damon’s Brave New World has just released a 5 part Podcast mini-series where we present thought provoking ideas about Space Mining, Space Elevators, Exoplanets, Subterranean Water Worlds,...

Jul 23, 2022

Here are some provocative thoughts on why we haven't made first contact.

May 30, 2022

Here are some fascinating questions about the Universe put together is a music video.